Our Story

About us

LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK is developed internationally by Belt and Road Associates Hong Kong Limited.

The company was founded by a group of people with deep knowledge of e-commerce, retail and wholesale, marketing, logistics, cross border ecommerce and of course Liveshopping (livestreaming e-commerce).

Our Story Starts in early 2020

We are Europeans with significant knowledge of the Chinese market and especially of China e-commerce. That is, where Liveshopping developed significantly, where all the innovations that make Liveshopping special take place for the first time. Our colleagues and partners in China ensure that LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK will always offer the top Liveshopping experience to users, whether they are Vendors or end consumers.

LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK is present in Europe and China at the same time. We know Europe very well and there we introduce Liveshopping, in a special and unique way.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create the largest Marketplaces network in the world, with Liveshopping as its main feature. The LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK which will offer in each country the unique experience of Liveshopping, through a simple, modern and efficient Marketplace. Every Marketplace that belongs to the Network is local but enjoys the benefits and capabilities of a Global Network.

As the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK grows, we begin to unite countries with Liveshopping. We offer the opportunity to every Vendor, wherever is located, to present its products live to the consumers of other countries. Αnywhere there is a LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE. And consumers, with one click, can buy the products they just saw in a live presentation.