Developing the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK, a Global – Local Network from Liveshopping Marketplaces, we build the infrastructure to realize our big dream. Lively connect trusted Vendors from all over the world with consumers in every part of the world. The truth is that we may not reach 100% in every part of the world, but if we reach our goal of 100 countries, we will have covered a large part of the world.

How do we do that?

Since every LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE is based on our platform, is centrally controlled by a large team, is constantly evolving, supported by the most up-to-date technologies while at the same time being Local, the connection between LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACEs is a “simple” case. Not so simple of course, but LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK makes it simple.

In order for a local LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE to be ready to start LIVESHOPPING CROSS BORDER SALES to another country, it must be ready to send orders directly to that country (logistics). Once it gets the “green light” from the Network, it approves Vendors who are trusted to sell their products in other countries. The approved Vendor can now schedule its liveshopping shows.

The Vendor decides when to do the Liveshopping show, in which countries, which products will be available during the Liveshopping show, at what prices he will offer the products in each country, the available stock, etc. and the scheduling is ready.

We also offer the Vendor Marketing Services, the opportunity to promote his Liveshopping show in each country, in collaboration with the local LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE.

And when the time comes, all he has to do is pick up his cell phone and, its Show Time.


But someone will have a question.

How will the consumer in one country understand what the Vendor from the other country is saying when he does the Liveshopping Show and presents his products. What language will the Vendor speak and what language will the consumer and potential buyer understand. LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK solves this issue as well. We incorporate Real Time Speech to Text technology and allow viewers to choose the language they want to read the simultaneous translation of what Vendor says. In this way we ensure to a large extent the understanding of the so-called Vendor but also the communication through Chat.

Let’s look at an example.

Adrian is a Vendor from a small town in Romania who sells fantastic handmade wallets. Adrian is already selling his products at the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in Romania and decided to do a Liveshopping Show in 6 countries of the Network (Italy, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Spain and Greece) next Sunday afternoon (Romanian time). Adrian plans the Liveshopping Show at the easy-to-use Backoffice of the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in Romania. Everything is in Romanian and makes it easier for Adrian to work more efficiently. Selects the countries he wants to do the Liveshopping Show, selects the products, decides the prices that will be sold in each country (using the tools of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE), selects the texts for each product, fills in other information and is ready to “press the button”.

Once Adrian completes the preparation, all of his products will appear on the Network Marketplaces in the 6 countries he has selected. And in a “magic” way all the texts will be translated into the local language. So Adrian, from the small Romanian town, found himself in the local Marketplaces ready to sell in the local market of those 6 countries. All with the guarantee of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK.

Adrian has also decided to invest € 1,000 to advertise Sunday’s Liveshopping Show. He enters the easy-to-use tool of the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE of Romania, decides based on the available options, uploads the necessary info files, pays (locally) and (based on its programming) starts advertising of his Show in each country he has chosen.

It finally arrived Sunday afternoon.

Adrian is ready, opens the LIVESHOPPING APP, press the button and is up in the air, its show time. Adrian does not speak English well and will speak Romanian during the show. Viewers from 6 countries choose in which language they want to read Adrian’s words and the viewing begins. They communicate with Adrian via Chat, in their language, and with automatic translation Adrian understands the questions.

Petros from Athens wants to order a wallet from Adrian. He likes it and wants to give it as a gift. He can understand what Adrian is saying and read the information on the Product tab, in Greek language. Petros adds the wallet to the shopping cart, and with one click pays in the Marketplace of Greece. Everything is in his language (shopping cart, information, confirmation email, etc.) and Petros feels safe.

The next day Adrian delivers all orders to the Romanian Courier provider. In a few days the wallets are delivered to all customers around the Network. Immediately after the deliveries Adrian receives the money from the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE of Romania.

We connect Vendors with Consumers around the world.