We are looking for Franchisees to develop the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK internationally.

In the first phase we will develop the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK in Europe and especially in countries that already belong to the European Union. Very soon we hope to be able to move to other countries.

LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK relies heavily on the local partner. We need to be sure that he really wants to invest in e-commerce and understands the great power and prospects of Liveshopping.

The ideal Franchisee for us is:

  1. The one who knows by trade and understands how Vendor in his country, regardless of Vendor size, can evolve with Liveshopping.
  2. The one who has the necessary resources to operate the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in his country, to advertise it, to provide the appropriate staff to support its operation and to connect the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in his country with the other members of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK.
  3. The one who is determined to launch the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in his country in a very short time.

We all realize that in a highly competitive market such as trade and e-commerce, just the will to succeed is important but not a sufficient factor in itself.

If you are interested in taking over the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK Franchise in your country do not hesitate to send us your message at partners@liveshopping.hk .

We need to know a lot about you as well as your thoughts on developing LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in your country.

We are especially interested to know the following about you:

  1. What is your business profile, existing business, other businesses in the past, etc.
  2. If you have been involved in trade and / or e-commerce
  3. Do you have available infrastructure that you could use to develop LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in your country (office, warehouse etc)?
  4. How do you think you could approach Vendors in your country to attract them to start working with LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE?
  5. How much would you be willing to spend for the development of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in your country?
  6. Any other information that is deemed appropriate to inform us that will facilitate in your opinion our decision.

We are also interested to know some information about the e-commerce and the competition of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in your country, such as:

  1. Which Marketplaces already exist in your country, when they were founded, what is their size (any data available).
  2. Is Liveshopping (Livestreaming e-commerce) already widespread in your country? If so, briefly describe how it works in your country.
  3. What is the size of total retail sales in your country and what share of them are online sales. Regarding online sales, please provide details for the last 3 years (if available).
  4. Any other information deemed appropriate to inform us about e-commerce in your country.