At the end of the day, by creating LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK, we have simultaneously created a GLOBAL BROADCAST NETWORK. In other words, we offer partners around the world the possibility to broadcast local or international events in 100 countries simultaneously through the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK.

For example, a multinational company can make a live presentation of a new model, simultaneously, in 100 countries. And, depending on the occasion, to be able to accept orders locally through our infrastructure.


Another example is the live presentation of a sporting event (e.g. a tennis tournament), sponsored by a major sporting goods company and the simultaneous sale of its products in each country where the event will be broadcast, through our local Marketplaces. We will offer the possibility to sell the products even in the countries that the sponsor do not have a local distribution agreement as the sale will be done under the responsibility of our local Marketplaces.