We invite you to invest in the future of e-commerce

We invite you to invest in LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK, the project that changes global e-commerce. Today Liveshopping (Livestreaming eCommecre) accounts for almost 20% of China’s online sales. “If China’s experience is any driver, our analysis shows that sales starting from live commerce could account for 10 to 20 percent of all e-commerce by 2026,” said McKinsey’s researcher. In Europe alone in 2026 eCommerce will exceed $ 1 trillion so you can imagine the future size of Liveshopping internationally.

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Locally: Our Marketplace offers the best Liveshopping experience. 

Internationally: we disrupt B2C Cross Border e Commerce.

Our first goal is to offer locally, in each of the 100 countries (target), through our LIVESHOPPING Marketplace, the best Liveshopping experience for each of the 500,000 Vendors (target) and for the 4.5 billion Shoppers (target). Each LIVESHOPPING Marketplace, in each of the 100 countries, is local (investor (franchisee), language, currency, legislation, logistics, payment gateway, vendors, shoppers).

Our 2nd purpose is unique, and it disrupts global e-commerce. We introduce LIVE B2C CROSS BORDER eCommerce between the marketplaces of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK. We make it possible for any small Vendor from one country to do Liveshopping, just with a mobile phone, in 30-50-100 countries AT THE SAME TIME. We solve the issues of Logistics, Language, Payments, different Legislation, Trust between Vendor and Shopper.


The model of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK is unique. With us drivers, based on our LIVESHOPPING Marketplace, we connect hundreds of thousands of Vendors, with billions of shoppers, through Liveshopping.

We do not discover the wheel. But we combine a range of practices and technologies and create a unique network. We share the risk in every local market. We offer each local market a unique strength so that each local LIVESHOPPING Marketplace stands out from the local competition.

We gain significant advantage from local competition (local marketplaces) but also from major international e-commerce and Social Media platforms.


LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK is a multidimensional project. We managed to design it because our founding team has a primary and good knowledge of every component of the project. Retail, Wholesale, e-commerce, Livestreaming eCommerce, Cross-border e-commerce and sales (import / export), Logistics, international payments, marketing. Our team also includes the developers of LIVESHOPPING Marketplace, having a large number of developers with significant experience in e-commerce. So, we have everything we need to plan and implement the immediate and rapid development of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK.

One more thing. LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK is a Startup company, created by people with significant business experience. We have already made our mistakes and we have learned many lessons from them. Our combined experience is for the benefit of the project and our investors.

In the 3.5 minutes video you will understand the great value of our project for the development of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK.

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If you want more information about our project, if you want to invest in the development of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK, contact us. Write us a few words about you and we will send you the teaser and pitch deck of the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK project.
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