Our plan to build LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK starts from Europe.

Very soon we will start connecting Europe with China, the Kingdom of Liveshopping in the world today. We will give European Vendors the opportunity to do Liveshopping shows and present, through a local LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE, their products live to Chinese consumers. We will connect LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK with China’s leading e-commerce platforms and the show begins. Using Real Time Speech to Text technology they (Vendors, Consumers) will “chat” and sell. LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK will provide the logistics part, which means that products from all over Europe will travel safely to the Chinese buyer.

The route, however, is two-way. The Chinese Vendor will soon be able to present its products live to consumers across Europe, through LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK. He will speak Chinese and they will understand him in their language. And with one click they will place the order in their local Liveshopping Marketplaces and the order journey from China to Europe will begin..

Once the Europe-China connection is completed and the cooperation model is perfectly formed, we will start the journey of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK to other Continents.