Our goal is to create the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK, i.e., a LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in more than 100 countries around the world. We are starting from Europe and soon, we hope, we will move on to other Continents. Our Network is developing with a Franchise, in each country we will work with a reliable investor who understands our goals and is eager to effectively support our plan. Connect Vendors around the world with consumers around the world with Liveshopping.

LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE will be local in all countries. The language, the currency, the payment gateway, the logistics, the Vendors, the customers, the legislation, everything is local. It is managed by a local, strong investor (franchisee) who provides the guarantees for the excellent experience to the customers and Vendors of his country.

LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE NETWORK offers the members of the Network what they need to offer the best Liveshopping experience in their country. An advanced LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE, which is constantly evolving. Each LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE is hosted in the Cloud and is technically controlled by our company. We provide the best hosting conditions for all LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE of the Network.

LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE is a Turnkey solution for the investor who wants to take advantage of the new trend internationally, the development of Liveshopping (livestreaming e-commerce). Our strong team will deliver the LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE, localized, at most in 6 weeks from the time we sign the agreement. Provides the local franchisee with the full technical support of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE, without the need for him to invest in technical equipment and specialized personnel. At the same time, the franchisee enjoys the Economies of Scale that the Network offers to all its members.

We provide operation manuals and the necessary training to the Franchisee staff. The sole responsibility for the operation of LIVESHOPPING MARKETPLACE in the local market belongs to the Franchisee.