Our Team

George Floras

Founder and CEO. With close relations with China for 20+ years, he got to know liveshopping through the cooperation with ALIBABA since 2016

Archonto Prezali

Sales manager. Archonto has extensive experience in sales and retail.

Dimitris Georgiou

Business Development Manager. A trade expert, with a long tenure in wholesale and retail trade. He also has special knowledge in marketing and branding.


Xitai Liu

A proficient Senior Developer specializing in Back-End, Front-End, and Android Development. He is responsible for the streaming function.

Ruslan Borukha

An experienced developer in developing backend, REST API, deploying and continuous integration systems, responsible for the Chat function.

George Theocharidis

Εlectrical and electronic engineer, specializing in Machine Learning applications and big data projects.


Winlin Yang

Engineer at Tencent Cloud, Streaming expert